Preserving the History of Snow Surfing

Many efforts to slide sideways down a mountain have existed longer than we know and have helped shape Snowboarding into what it is today. Winterstick is one of those efforts and a true pioneer of the backcountry. Our goal is to celebrate, preserve, and share its history and legacy. 

Roots of Winterstick.Net

The website started as a hobby project back in 2003, to learn basic website coding and photo editing. Winterstick was chosen as a subject of focus and at the time there wasn't a lot of information on the internet. It would evolve into a long, drawn out research project from there.

Slowly, contact with other brand enthusiasts, collectors, old school riders, and former employees would be established and the history would begin to unravel. 20+ years later, people still remain just as stoked about the brand's legacy, so it was time to revamp the website in 2024.

Thanks to all the people who've helped with the project over the past 20 years; Adam, Marty, Eric T., Tim, Kevin E., Dimitrije, Wink, Mick T., Mark B., Brooke, Earl, Renée, Don, and too many more that aren't mentioned above. 


I'm merely a facilitator and a "hobbyist historian". A big portion of the site has come together through other people sharing  their  stories, images, and history for the world to learn from.


-Mark R.