Preserving the History of Snow Surfing

Many efforts to slide sideways down a mountain have existed longer than we know and have helped shape Snowboarding into what it is today. Winterstick is one of those efforts and a true pioneer of the backcountry. Our goal is to celebrate, preserve, and share its history and legacy. 

Latest Updates June 26/24

New Streetstick + Winterstick Tee Photos Added to the Soft Goods Section courtesy of Kevin E. 

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NEW FIND! 1 OFF 1980 Green Swallowtail Gallery Added to the Board Vault

New Board Bag Pics Added to the Soft Goods Gallery

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2002 SLUG Mag Interview w/ Dimtrije Milovich + Transcript Added to History Section
• Prototype Board Pics Added to the Boards Vault: Prototype Gallery
•1997 Eastern Edge Mag Interview Full Text Transcript Added

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1997 Eastern Edge Magazine Interview with Dimitrije Added to History Section, courtesy of Red Bear.

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• 1983 Powder Mag 10pg Article Added to the Ski/Misc Print Media Section

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• New Behind the Scenes Footage of Trail of Glory added to the Video Section courtesy of Roger B.
• Higher Quality version of Trail of Glory Backcountry film added to the Video Section courtesy of Roger B.

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•New French Magazine Scans in the Print Media Sections (Surf and Ski) courtesy of Eric F.

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1987 Freestyle Details & Pics Added w/ the help of George Johnston

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• Site Relaunched & Updated

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The Goal

Since 2003, the goal of this site was to help uncover and document some of the brand's lost history. At the time, the stories were mostly myth and lore. But with the help of many enthusiasts and original riders, we've been able to create a platform to help document the contributions of the original Winterstick company and crew, and give the recognition they deserve as pioneers of the sport.