1987 Roundtail Plus 170

The Roundtail Plus 170 was the shift to a more resort friendly hardpack model instead of the traditional backcountry approach. 

ISM Gluide Guide Specs:


Model: Winterstick Roundtail Plus 170

Size: 170cm

Weight: 7.38lbs

Topsheet: Traction cones w/ Fiberglass Epoxy Wrap

Base: Cambered 

Core: Foam Core/Fiberglass Wrap


This is a new addition to the Winterstick line, designed for all around riding, the *Roundtail Plus 170 is a foam core epoxy wrapped board. It comes with a newly designed binding that allows support and is padded for comfort. 

Color: Blue, red. 

Sugg. Retail: 369.00 w/ Winterstick Bindings


(* The model titles between the Freestyle and Roundtail Plus 170 were mixed up in the original magazine article and have been corrected in the quote above). 


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