Snowboard History Links

Check out the Link below for things related to Snowboarding History.


Winterstick Snowboards - Official site of the current Winterstick brand, still cranking out USA made produciton and custom models in Maine. 

The Board Vault Website - An online archive of vintage snowboards. 

Snowboarding in Southern Vermont - Historical Burton and Vermont website including historical articles and content. 

PJ's Snowboard Collection - Pierre's impressive collection of vintage boards on FB.


Old Snowboards on FB - Facebook Group for all things Vintage Snowboarding.


Alf Engen Ski Museum - Ski & Snowboard Museum open to the public and located in Park City, Utah. Some early Winterstick prototypes on display. 

Colorado Snowsports Museum - Ski and Snowboard Museum open to the public and located in Vail, CO. 


Grassroots Powdersurfing - Bindingless pure snow surf boards inspired by early Winterstick models and hand made in Utah by Jeremy Jensen.