Winterstick Videos

2000's - Dimitrije Milovich - French Ski Doc Clip

1976 - Dimitrije Milovich - "April's Footage" Winterstick Demo

This footage was shot in April of 1976, thus known as "April's Footage". Dimitrije is riding his big sharp Yellow and Red Swallowtail powder guns which had broken glass for deck grip (pre-mold traction cones on production boards) and steel edges. This was a film reel that went around to potential distributors to help promote the sport and brand. Keep in mind that this is 1976 and you won't find any other video of anyone riding deep backcountry powder with this much style and intent. Truly leaps and bounds ahead. 

1984 - Trail of Glory - BTS

"This is Behind the scenes footatge the the Sticking sequence. It was shot with old JVC VHS camera and recorder the set up weighed aproxamatly 25 lbs. We get to see images and audio of the Principals in the film. Really the only thing that shows My long connection to the film. I was in High School and was in a Vocational Television production class. Dave and John were at The University of Utah in the Film Program. Eric, John and I all Worked at the bike/skateboard/and cross country ski shop Cyclers Choice in Holladay Utah." -Roger B.

1984 - Trail of Glory - Short Film

"A 16mm Film made in 1984 completed in 1985. Inspired, dreamed and created by Dave Lundquist. The film contains early Winterstick(snowboard) and mountain bike footage. This is some of the earliest bike footage from Moab Slickrock area that I know of.
This is a new inexpensive HD film chain transfer from one of the well used prints. it has its limitations but is far better than old Youtube version." -Roger B.

2016 - TransWorld Snowboarding - Snow Craft Generations Documentary

A documentary featuring early efforts of Winterstick, Mervin/Gnu/LibTech as well as some more recent grass roots brands. The Winterstick portion features Winterstick Co-Founder and graphic/industrial designer Don Moss telling the story with some great footage. In the modern footage of the crew riding the old Winterstick Roundtails, we loaned those boards to test and you can see that they still rip in powder all these years later. 

1982-83 - "Ski Éspace" 

Paul Loxton (Winterstick crew) and Regis Rolland, filmed by Didier Lafond. This was filmed after Team Winterstick had finished their 5 week France Tour in 1981/1982. Winterstick Team Rider Mick T. gave his Red "TEAM" Swallowtail to Regis whom mentioned he finally got the hang of turning after being frustrated after a few weeks of trying. Régis would periodically ride the board through 2015. It now resides in Canada. Paul would settle down in France for a few decades and eventually moved back home to Australia in the 2000's. This short film was essentially the pilot to the Apocolypse Snow series.

1981 - French News Showcase

A French News segment showcasing Wintersticking with clips from Warren Miller's Ski People (1980). Riders Mick Thueson and Scott Estes. 

2013 - Winterstick.Net Compilation Trailer

Various Winterstick clips including April's Footage, Warren Miller Films, etc.

1988 - Dimitrije Milovich Early Board Interview

1988 Clip of Dimitrije going over one of his early boards.

1982 - Matt Ryan & Scott "Jake" Jacobson - Warren Miller SnoWonder

1982 Warren Miller Sno Wonder Clip. Matt Ryan (long hair) and Scott "Jake" Jacobson surfing for the cameras. Matt and Jake worked at the Shallow Shaft Restaurant and they lived the true ski bum life, skiing and snowboarding the backcountry whenever they weren't working. Check out those Mother Karen's outfits (see our Mother Karen's article for more history). Also check out their skis they ride then back up into their backpacks. Many resorts would require skis to ride lifts or naturally the rider needed them to cross the flats, so Dimitrije would take skis and cut them into 3 sections, allowing them to be locked in for traversing mode while working with winter boots. 

1987 - Andy Brewer Clip - Tallest Waves

Footage of Andy Brewer in the 1987 Snowboard film, The Tallest Waves. 

1983 - Regis Rolland - Apocalyspe Snow Clips

In 1981/82 the Winterstick Team did a 5 week tour in France as an invite from Ski promotor of Les Arcs 2000, Alain Gaimard. One of the ski insturctors who took interest was Regis Rolland and he ended up being gifted one of the team rider's boards. Regis said it took him some time to learn how to turn and he would mostly straight line it until then. After filming the short film "Ski Éspace",  filmaker Didier LaFond would go on to direct "Apocalypse Snow" which was the tale of a Snow Surfer being chased around by evil skiiers and monoskiiers who wanted to capture him and his board. This would spark a huge wave in European snowboarding and Regis is considered one of the Godfather's of the sport there. Regis would try to make extra boards himself using his Wintersticks as a standard to follow. He would continue be involved in the industry for over 40 years. Interesting note about this clip, Regis told me that in the hanglider drop off, the impact severely injured his ribs and they had to stop shooting for weeks. 

2022 - The Midwest Shredder's Winterstick RetroSpective

2018 - Grassroots Powsurf Winterstick Inspired Builds

Jeremy Jensen, founder of Grassroots Powsurf, was originally inspired to make a binding free snow surf experience after riding an old Winterstick roundtail. The vision was to create a pure backcountry surf exprience while paying homage to the early efforts of the sport. 
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